How to Publish a Google+ Brand Page

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How to Publish a Google+ Brand Page

Do not confuse “Google My Business” with the new Google+ Brand Pages!

“Google My Business” results appear in the large profile box on the right-hand side of Google search results, when your business name and location is searched in Google, such as in this example:

This is a “Google My Business” Listing, it is completely different to a Google Plus Brand Page.

First You Need a Personal Google+ Page


Instructions for Creating Google+ Brand Page

Once you have verified your personal Google+ page, look for the very small print in the bottom left corner of the page and click the word “brands” (see image below.)

Next Steps:

Immediately ask 10 or more friends to visit the new Google+ Brand page and click “Follow“, this is essential for search engine optimization.

Set a reminder in your calendar for 31 days, include a link to this instruction page, and a note reminding you to rename the page URL to include the search phrase you are trying to protect, it should include your brand name.

How to customize your Google+ Brand URL to Include Your Trademark or Brand (After a 30 Day Wait)

When you first set up your Google+ brand page, the URL will have numeric identifiers. After 30-days, AND after gaining 10 followers, Google will let you choose a custom URL. It is very important that the URL contains the exact words that describe your brand, or the exact words that you are trying to protect in Google search results. For example: (This is a hypothetical example)



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